Why don't you provide the power supply? 

The clock comes with a standard USB-A connector, but we don’t provide the power adapter. Most people have a spare adapter somewhere about their home, and we’d rather you upcycled something that’s not currently being used. We also feel that with a number of different electrical specifications in use around the world, it’s better to use an adapter already configured for where you live. A suitable adapter can be purchased from any good electrical retailer, and need s to supply 1 amp (1000 ma) which is the standard for most modern USB chargers. Please e-mail us if you have difficulties with this: info@flowza-clocks.com


Have you lost your instructions? Look on the back of the clock for a quick reminder of how to operate or download a PDF of the manual here


I can’t choose which face I like best. Can I buy a clock and swap faces later? 
No, the face is controlled by the software and can’t be changed.

Can I run the clock on batteries? 
Not recommended as the battery required to run for any reasonable period of time would need to be large and could be expensive to replace. A rechargeable battery would need to be charged every 2 –3 days

Does the clock still keep time during a power failure? 
Flowza doesn’t have a battery backup, but the clock will still keep time through a “brown-out” or short mains failure of up to 20 seconds. After a longer mains failure you would need to re-set the time. 

Where do you ship to? 
We ship to all European Union countries and Switzerland, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most countries in Asia and Africa and plenty of other places as well. Some places, such as Russia, are more complicated because of local restrictions. But please e-mail us to find out if we can ship to you. flowza@greenscombe.com Please note that no local taxes are payable within the European Union, but elsewhere please check for your local taxes – we do not include these in our price or delivery charge and all purchasers will be responsible for payments raised locally to themselves.

Can I have the clock customised to my own specifications? 
We can do this to a certain extent. Please contact us with your requirements and we will come back to you with prices and proposals. 

Can you make the clock in another language? 
We think part of the charm of Flowza is the wit and playfulness of the language used to tell the time - switching language isn't simply a matter of replacing the words for numbers. Nuanced words that mean the same thing as "bang on" or "a teeny bit" in another language are not something you can get from a dictionary. However, if English isn’t your first language and you know exactly what you want, it may be that we can customise Flowza to fit your requirements – let’s see what we can do, drop us a line!

What happens if my clock stops?
Flowza is guaranteed for a year. If you have any problems within this time (and we're pretty certain that you won't) contact us on info@flowza-clocks.com and we can discuss arrangements. We are not responsible for any problems caused by using your Flowza outside our recommendations, and we are not responsible for any damage to the wooden frame, glass, LEDs or microchip caused by incorrect installation of the clock.  However, we do aim to help you with all technical difficulties through our email.

Can I have my Flowza in a different size or colour?
 We can customise Flowza to a certain extent, but obviously there is an extra cost involved in this. Please contact us to find out more info@flowza-clocks.com