Animating LED Word Clocks set in a beautiful beech frame


Flowza is beautiful. It looks good. It makes you smile


Flowza is an animated LED clock set in a locally-sourced beechwood frame. Flowza tells you the time... not out loud, but expressively with witty words instead of turning hands. 

We live in Cornwall, that's why it has a Cornish name... and as everyone knows the Cornish love games with words.


Flowza /fləʊzæ/ v. n. To speak or write in a vague manner {Cornish}


Our Customers Love Our Clocks!

You must get this feedback all the time, but everybody that sees it instantly wants one!
— Flowza Customer
Just a small note to thank you for an amazing, quality product - received mine last Friday and have been enjoying ever since - already had a couple of envious friends eye it up!
— Kickstarter Backer
In a word, awesome
— Kickstarter Backer
This clock is seriously a great conversation piece in our home and I can’t relay to you how much we absolutely love it!
— Flowza Customer

There's a Flowza Face for everyone.